Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Volumptuous Dahl-ights!

I've always been envious of those amongst us blessed with sky high cheekbones. Which is why a large part of me wants to really hate Sophie Dahl for her unachievable perfection but after watching her new (and just beautifully shot and directed) cookery show on BBC2, I must say I'm smitten with her!

I'm not a massive 'foodie' but the show was so captivating in the way it was structured. the episode was based on having a selfish food day, highlighting the real indulgences you can have with food and how to spoil yourself from breakfast and lunch to supper. As soon as she began quoting Katherine Hepburn I knew the series would keep me captivated through it's 6 episodes. The setting was so lovely and girly, who knew that a cookery show could be so uplifting and inspirational?

Here's a little clip, which doesnt capture the magic really but it's the only clip up on youtube currently!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

logo is a go go!

I've comissioned amazing graphic designer and friend Luke Fenech to do the logo for my final major project at university, He's sent me the finished product today and I love it so much!
I wanted him to create something quite vintage and hand-done with lots of texture and quite an honest look to it and he definitely delivered. My project is based around the knowledge that a lot of small vintage stores in the northern quarter of manchester can't afford the help they need to compete with major retailers in the recession so i'm creating a trend prediction hub and general retail clinic in the area called the 'style observatory' here are some of his initial sketches for a vague logo idea-

after we decided on the first one we worked on the textures that would give the best overall effect and this is the final product!

Monday, 1 March 2010

European Escapism

it's probably purely to provide escapism from the cold and wet of this grey country but the past few weeks i haven't seemed to been able to listen to any music that is not french and sang by a stunning ex-model. wierd. anyway enjoy some of these favourites, i think my heart belongs in france.
(i apologise for some of these god awful videos)