Thursday, 21 April 2011

life's a stitch.

so that last post of my embroidery was quite frankly terrible, needles (haha) to say i started again!
i spend two nights doing that instead of uni work and it's now ready to be given to liam, who i'm hoping will see the funny side rather than the insulting side of my cheeky cross stitch.
Here it is in a pretty little ikea frame!

i took a picture with the mirror effect on my photobooth so one of the images would be the correct way round! xox

Monday, 18 April 2011

subversive cross-stitch.

like a dumb ass, i left my crochet at home when i went back for easter! i miss it so i've started a new crafty hobby (source of procrastination) i've begun my subversive cross-stitch!
my first attempt isn't going great since i'm trying to make it up as i go along which makes alignment difficult...
theres only one person who would appreciate my finished product, so i'm giving it as a present to my friend liam.
it is going to read

"there's no "i" in team, but there is a "u" in c**t"
(without the stars but i censored that for the eyes of my followers)

i think he'll find it funny, i hope he will.
i'll let you know how it goes...

it looks awful so far and it's obviously backwards on my macbook image but once i finish it and add some hearts and patterns it will look AMAZING!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

don't be mocking the mocha

'scuse the blog title, watched about a gazillion hours of the mighty boosh this eve in order to put off doing university work... the hard work starts tomorrow. today has been a lovely day, the sun was shining and since my friend louise is back from birmingham for easter we decided to take a magical trip out to wollaton hall and deer park to have a picnic and see lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

here's a squinty louise with our yummy lemon cuppycakes!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

take the girlfriend just leave the clothes.

i <3 stolen girlfriends club at the minute, wish i could bloody afford it all!