Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Paris, Je t'aime

so this blog is a little late in coming! i've been in Paris for a couple of days with my uni course to go to premier vision, we were there to look at menswear trends and street style.

here is the shop window for te Kenzo store in the champs elysees area, i just thought the visual merchandising was eyecatching and a perfect colour pallette for exhibiting a spring/summer collection.

my friend Charlotte found this amazing jacket in gallery lafayette, it is actually my dream jacket, i love the heart details and the grey / orange colour clash! shame i had no money!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Oh, Hello Memory Lane

So my laptop started telling me it's memory is full so i began sifting through my old college work to see what i could chuck!
When i was looking at my Graphics work i found this quick piece that i did in the style of David Folvari.

It's nothing special, but it took me back to the days where i spent hours on illustrator, it also got me researching some of my old favourite graphic designers from my college days!
Here's one of my favourite pieces by Australian graphic collective Rinzen-

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This Is For You...

So a while back I bought a really cute Australian fashion magazine called Frankie, it had a feature on an artist called Rob Ryan and a free pull out poster designed by him, i fell in love with his work, it's so beautiful and imaginative also all his pieces are painstakingly cut out by hand, which is pretty amazing considering the detail.

His book This Is For You is around £12.99 and you can usually pick it up from Waterstones or at Amazon.co.uk i'd highly recommend it!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Hearty Revolution

Hello! So this is my first post ever and i'm not even sure if i'm talking to anyone here but i'll give it a whirl anyway!
I found this video from a link on Hearts Revolution's myspace page and really loved it, the music and video just work together really well. Check out their other video's too!