Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sunday, 9 January 2011

road trip to rotts.

i'm driving back to nottingham today to start second term at university, not looking forward to it quite frankly, i know theres a lot of had work ahead of me! i need a dose of optimism.

while i'm talking about what i need, i might as well mention this skirt! i saw this image of alexa chung in it a while ago and looked high and low in charity shops in a bid to find something similar (i guessed that it will have been vintage) only to find out last night that its actually from her collaboration with madewell, this sucks because its now sold out and the only one i can find is going for $298 on ebay when it was originally quite reasonable, how annoying that if i'd only researched and found this out when i first saw the picture i'd probably have one caressing my legs now! LESSON LEARNT.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

new year wishlist!

... i don't ask a lot.

carlos and my quick transformation into a pensioner.

okay so as a late christmas present, i got a new car! score! i've felt like my wings have been clipped since i lost young betsy to bodywork erosion and she therefore failed her MOT in the words of the man in the garage "i'm surprised this car is still actually running, everything that CAN be wrong with a car IS wrong with the car." can't bring myself to take her to the scrapper though.
anyway onwards and upwards, i got my new car (carlos) and he's a nissan micra, which is known for being a car mainly driven by those enjoying the later years of their life, let's face it though even though i'm 21 i tend to dress in clothing more suited to someone at 61.
along with this purchase i have also began to crochet, yep that's right. i'm currently on may way to creating a granny blanket, it's so much fun! i'm using it as a wind down after full days of university work which is stressing me out greatly, or as some of you may think and me too, a great way to procrastinate and do something pointless instead of productive.

anyway these factors coupled with the realisation that i haven't been on a night out in a month and really have no desire to do so has made me feel like a retiree, enjoying crafts and baking much more than drinking and socialising. maybe i can even get away with saying "respect your elders" to my mum and sister when they're nagging me about doing work. probably not though.


AND HERE IS MY GRANNY BLANKET (not really, i haven't finished my first square yet but i will show you my progression)

Friday, 7 January 2011

i'm bad at sticking to things.

so this is my first post in a bloody long time. i must admit that i did cast my blog aside in order to focus on the joys of tumblr and polyvore, i apologise for this. In a bid to actually become a more frequent blogger and all round better person, i have made it my new years task to be better at sticking to things.

here is an example to start me off

i began reading cat power's biography 'A Good Woman' two summers ago (ouch) and am still only on page 154, which is terrible really since it's a very interesting book about an even more interesting woman. I was put off slightly by the author's confession in the first chapter that in actual fact Char (cat power) was very unhappy about the book's release and didn't consent to any of the information being published. that took the magic away a little. Regardless of this fact, i NEED to finish the book and when i get back to nottingham after the christmas break, i very much intend on doing so.

In the meanwhile here is her amazing self for your viewing and listening pleasure.