Friday, 6 March 2009

Snappy Happy

Something i've been quite interested in for a while is the idea of documentary through photography. i'm the worlds worst hoarder of photo's which is probably to blame for the demise in my laptops memory. My photos are separated by month and year, dating from 1989 (filled with embarrassing baby/toddler photos that i've scanned in) to the present (filled with nights out and uni work.) so when i came across this article in the most recent Vice magazine, it caught my eye.
i apologise for the dreadful scanning quality, a new scanner is top of my birthday wishlist!

The article profiles New York artist Jamie Livingstone who took a polaroid photo every day for 18 years, the result is a large and fascinating body of work which ranges from images that are shocking and thought provoking to those that are beautifully mundane.

"the images are become particularly moving as Livingstone chronicles his own declining health as he fights brain cancer. the series of photos end on October 25, 1997 when he dies in hospital, this day too is documented."
-Vice Volume 7 Number 2.

I found this particularly interesting because of my love of polaroid photos, i just think the colour balance and aesthetic of a polaroid is really beautiful and simple. this sight obsession can be seen on my waredrobe door at uni, with even more of my collection being on my bedroom wall at home.

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