Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jeepers Creepers

Ever since i started listening to ska and punk back in the day, i have wanted to get my hands on a pair of creepers, constantly idolising brothel sporters such as Brody Dalle of The Distillers and Tim Armstrong of Rancid for their rebellious footwear. sadly i never had the guts/ fashion knowledge to actually pull them off without looking like a teenage goth. to me they represented punk and rebellion in the same way as a safety pin through the nose would, but by the time i fell in love with them they had definitely been commandeered by black cloak clad depressants.

From their practical creation for the world war 2 soldiers based in North Africa their reputation was tarnished when the ex-soldiers found their way to the brothels of london, where the shoes gained the name 'brothel creepers' since then the shoes have been associated with subcultures of several generations which i think is where my rebellious association came from. from the teddy boys of the 50's to the Maclaren punk adoption in the 70's and were lengthened to boots for the Goths in the 90's.

Today creepers are getting their day in the mainstream and whether i like it or not, these platformed pumps have sprang up everywhere from catwalks to fashion shoots to the feet of celebs.
These photos are from Nathan Jenden show in London, i like the fact that the creepers are paired with feminine dresses.

Although i'd love to remain faithful to the classic style, but these beauts from Office are just too amazing, they keep the platform, the suede and the check pattern but with a killer heel attached...what would Rancid say?

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