Monday, 9 November 2009

mohr cole please!

so it's no secret to anybody who knows me that i'm keen on boys with tattoos, i just find them so endeering and i hate to say i have been known to take a fancy to boys based on their tattoos alone. shameful.
anyway back to the point at hand, i love the fact that a new breed of male models have emerged with a more alternative look in the past few years, i just find them visually more interesting than the all american abercrombie and fitch poster boys that have been strewn across billboards in the past.
my (slightly out of control) obsession with tat-clad male model josh beech has been surpassed in recent times by a new super crush of the modelling world cole mohr, i love his almost awkward look and the fact that he doesnt seem to take himself too seriously.

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