Tuesday, 6 October 2009

juju's delivery.

i've always liked illustration that incorporates beauty and humour with a little slice of cuteness too!
and how could i resist someone who shares a nickname with me and calls her website 'juju's delivery service' and lays it out like a take away menu? i love her simple line drawings that show a sense of vulnerability and charm. the child-like figures manage to depict a sense of childhood heartbreak whilst being adorable. Founded in 2004 in Berlin, the creator of JuJu's delivery, Julia Schonlau has worked for several companies including Rojo, Concrete Hermit and Threadless.
my favourite pieces of hers are -

this one being sweetly titled swampthing & warewolf.

i would become a boxer and take on both swapthing and warewolf myself if it meant i could get a mural like this on my bedroom wall-

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