Saturday, 31 October 2009

splashing out

so i've ran into a bit of bad luck recently and somehow managed to get my bag stolen with what feels like my entire life inside it, ipod, purse, camera, keys, work keys, diary...bummer.
to turn my frown upside down, i've decided to invest in a lovely new vintage satchel, a leather super-wallet, got new keys cut, i have commondeered all my friends music for a new music player and found some lovely new treats for the ears on the way like this amazing cover with an equally amazing video.

to fulfil my camera needs i decided that instead of investing in another standard dixons digital camera i decided to go for my long lusted after lomography camera, deciding to go for a vintage smena and a diana+ F deluxe kit, just take a gander at these beauts-


1 comment:

  1. I just ordered one of these yesterday! hopefully will have it tomorrow if express post doesn't fail! cannot wait to use it

    hope your luck has turned around x