Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Volumptuous Dahl-ights!

I've always been envious of those amongst us blessed with sky high cheekbones. Which is why a large part of me wants to really hate Sophie Dahl for her unachievable perfection but after watching her new (and just beautifully shot and directed) cookery show on BBC2, I must say I'm smitten with her!

I'm not a massive 'foodie' but the show was so captivating in the way it was structured. the episode was based on having a selfish food day, highlighting the real indulgences you can have with food and how to spoil yourself from breakfast and lunch to supper. As soon as she began quoting Katherine Hepburn I knew the series would keep me captivated through it's 6 episodes. The setting was so lovely and girly, who knew that a cookery show could be so uplifting and inspirational?

Here's a little clip, which doesnt capture the magic really but it's the only clip up on youtube currently!


  1. that dose look delicious

  2. beautiful blog!
    mmmmmmmmm yummo