Friday, 7 January 2011

i'm bad at sticking to things.

so this is my first post in a bloody long time. i must admit that i did cast my blog aside in order to focus on the joys of tumblr and polyvore, i apologise for this. In a bid to actually become a more frequent blogger and all round better person, i have made it my new years task to be better at sticking to things.

here is an example to start me off

i began reading cat power's biography 'A Good Woman' two summers ago (ouch) and am still only on page 154, which is terrible really since it's a very interesting book about an even more interesting woman. I was put off slightly by the author's confession in the first chapter that in actual fact Char (cat power) was very unhappy about the book's release and didn't consent to any of the information being published. that took the magic away a little. Regardless of this fact, i NEED to finish the book and when i get back to nottingham after the christmas break, i very much intend on doing so.

In the meanwhile here is her amazing self for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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