Sunday, 9 January 2011

road trip to rotts.

i'm driving back to nottingham today to start second term at university, not looking forward to it quite frankly, i know theres a lot of had work ahead of me! i need a dose of optimism.

while i'm talking about what i need, i might as well mention this skirt! i saw this image of alexa chung in it a while ago and looked high and low in charity shops in a bid to find something similar (i guessed that it will have been vintage) only to find out last night that its actually from her collaboration with madewell, this sucks because its now sold out and the only one i can find is going for $298 on ebay when it was originally quite reasonable, how annoying that if i'd only researched and found this out when i first saw the picture i'd probably have one caressing my legs now! LESSON LEARNT.

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