Thursday, 2 June 2011


The other day i was reading about bleach salon in london and alex brownsell, it seemed really funny that all the polished vogue readers would be reading about a fundamentally grunge and rock inspired salon, where even the name and logo are no doubt inspired by nirvana's famed song. either way the look of the hair produces is anything but what is considered 'mainstream' some examples are below. my friends have always been ones to experiment with different hair colours and have fun with 'crazy colour' bottles from Nottingham market in the Victoria centre, so it seems kind of a shame that everyone will most likely be jumping on the trend sooner or later.

Inspired by the mint green colour i decided to pop a bit of pine green on my ends, it washed out really quickly though and is now a tad patchy which sucks! might go burgandy or pink next because i'm bored post uni.

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