Tuesday, 21 June 2011

jayne doe, a deer.

i've been dabbling with the idea of getting a tattoo for an awfully long time now but me being the indecisive so and so that i am i've not been able to decide on a design and artist or the placement, which as you can imagine is problematic. the other thing that worries me ever so, is the fact that when i think back to tattoos i've wanted in the past i thank christ that i didnt go through with them, nautical star anyone? how about a dolphin? (seriously)
recently though, one of the components that i want has become clear... i want it to be done by the fantastic becca jayne doe! her work is exactly what i'd want in a tattoo, feminine, different, amazingly executed and intricate. my only problem is that when i contacted her to book an appointment, the waiting list had closed until 2012, this has just made me want her work even more and i dont mind waiting therefore i'm going to book a slot as soon as soon as the waiting list reopens which gives me a while to decide on my design and placement, i trust her eye so much that i know as long as i have a vague idea of what i want she'll be able to make it beautiful, here are some of my favourites of her.

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