Tuesday, 21 June 2011

jayne doe, a deer.

i've been dabbling with the idea of getting a tattoo for an awfully long time now but me being the indecisive so and so that i am i've not been able to decide on a design and artist or the placement, which as you can imagine is problematic. the other thing that worries me ever so, is the fact that when i think back to tattoos i've wanted in the past i thank christ that i didnt go through with them, nautical star anyone? how about a dolphin? (seriously)
recently though, one of the components that i want has become clear... i want it to be done by the fantastic becca jayne doe! her work is exactly what i'd want in a tattoo, feminine, different, amazingly executed and intricate. my only problem is that when i contacted her to book an appointment, the waiting list had closed until 2012, this has just made me want her work even more and i dont mind waiting therefore i'm going to book a slot as soon as soon as the waiting list reopens which gives me a while to decide on my design and placement, i trust her eye so much that i know as long as i have a vague idea of what i want she'll be able to make it beautiful, here are some of my favourites of her.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


definitely sums up my mood at the moment, warpaint's album is the best i've heard in such a long time.

Monday, 6 June 2011

love for ryden.

can't get enough of mark ryden's work, so beautifully dark and majestic!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


The other day i was reading about bleach salon in london and alex brownsell, it seemed really funny that all the polished vogue readers would be reading about a fundamentally grunge and rock inspired salon, where even the name and logo are no doubt inspired by nirvana's famed song. either way the look of the hair produces is anything but what is considered 'mainstream' some examples are below. my friends have always been ones to experiment with different hair colours and have fun with 'crazy colour' bottles from Nottingham market in the Victoria centre, so it seems kind of a shame that everyone will most likely be jumping on the trend sooner or later.

Inspired by the mint green colour i decided to pop a bit of pine green on my ends, it washed out really quickly though and is now a tad patchy which sucks! might go burgandy or pink next because i'm bored post uni.


a few years ago i was looking for vintage clothing on ebay (unsuccessfully) but i happened to stumble across an ebay store called Nasty Gal Vintage, they had lots of lovely things but it being an american store, the shipping costs were steep. a couple of months ago i saw a banner on fashion toasts blog for nasty gal's website, i clicked on and to my surprise, found that they sell a lot of new and very on trent clothing mainly by american designers!
i absolutely love pretty much everything on there, in particular the following bad boys.

not forgetting jeffrey campbells beautiful lita platforms, which i have been wanting for what seems like an eternity.