Monday, 14 March 2011

Chez moi deux

here are some cheeky snaps of mine and sarah's boudoirs (i tidied mine especially for taking photos)

in sarah's room there's a piece of string stretching from wall to wall, one night she decided to learn how to make paper cranes, made tonnes of them and then hung them all along this piece of string, it looks lovely now!

this is sarah's picture wall, a mish mash of different sized and styles of frames with lots of odd and pretty pictures in, all of which mean a lot to her (the cuckoo clock was a present i got her last christmas and it fits in nicely)

this is sarah's lovely little pansy window box, although we don't have a garden/ outside area since we're on the second floor we decided to make our fire escape all girly and that.
although we spend most of our time chilling in the lounge, when i need to actually get on with work i'll shut my self in my little haven!

although we've known each other for 4 years, me and my housemate sarah never seem to be able to find a photo of us both that we both actually like, since this one that i got developed we were both happy with i decided to take the opportunity to frame it and display it!
my little bedside area,my favourite mug which is always there since i wake up thirsty at least once every night, the photos on the wall are a xmas gift off my best friend rach!
i love these two little wooden postcards, i found them in a little independent book store in berlin.

i love my desk space, although i must admit that i don't spend much time sat there. the typewriter is from work and the J on the wall was a present off my good friend rach. you can also see my humble camera collection, my digi sony slr, my diana lomo, my smena and my polaroid.

this pici is a screenprint from a shop called ryan vintage in manchester, i really love stags heads at the minute and it looks pretty swell on my wall!

this is the favourite part of my room, a vintage mirror i found in snoopers paradise in brighton, i love it so much even though it was a right bugger to cart around brighton!
anyway i'm done with the house tour now, phew! that was a long'un.

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