Monday, 7 March 2011

Hello Helsinki, Ta Ta Tallinn.

this post is way over due, forgive me for this.
mid-december me and two friends, lottie and amanda decided to go on a short winter break to Helsinki, we all love to travel and it was a place that i've always wanted to go!
typical of our luck the first day we were there happened to fall on their independence day resulting in EVERYTHING being shut all day, meaning we had to stroll around in freezing temperatures for hours on end. needless to say we were over the moon.
our luck changed when we found an open air ice rink and karaoke area (?) by the train station we had a lovely skate around and even found some finland flags to wave around!

we then found a little warm bar and got some glögi which is the most beautiful mulled wine type drink!
other highlights of the trip included a trip to the beautiful town of tallinn in estonia, eating the most delicious meal of my life in a traditional finnish log cabin that sold bear meat!! and a trip to the museum of modern art!

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