Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mumford and Sun

i've never been too bothered about mumford and sons, their C.D always used to be on in kitsch (where i used to work) and i kind of just thought there was nothing special about them and that it was slightly too folky for me.
when i went to York the other week to visit my good friend jenny we decided to take a road trip to the yorkshire moors more specifically the cute as a button village of hutton le hole. the sun was shining and it really felt like spring was beginning, since she didn't want to listen to punk or wutang clan (which is pretty much all i've got in my car at the minute) jen brought her mumford and sons cd along, i really enjoyed driving through beautiful scenery in gorgeous sunshine to their music and it has sparked a bit of a new found interest in them which grew vastly when i saw them perform on the grammy's, i'd imagine they're a band that really come into their own when playing live. so anyway the moral of the story is, i judged them too quickly and here a lovely song of theirs to listen to on a lovely sunny day.

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