Saturday, 26 March 2011

pre pubescent pop punk

so i thought i'd do a music based blog, recently i've been noticing exactly how much i listen to music compared to other people - pretty much whenever i get the chance! i even have a habit of bringing my laptop into the bathroom to listen to spotify when having a bath, i cant really fall asleep without music playing and when i'm walking anywhere i must have my trusty podster by my side.
my first love in terms of music is pop punk hands down, i remember when i was 11 my cousin came to live with us and brought her cd collection along with her, she was a couple of years older and she was really into punk at that time, she brought fat wreck chords compilations, NOFX, blink 182 and dookie by green day (she brought loads but they were the ones that really stuck out to me) i loved it and remember just going out to hmv and spending hours in the pop/ rock sections searching for ataris and mxpx cd's. when i was going through tough times at that point i'd just pop enema of the state on and it would cheer me up. obviously listening to this kind of music changes the way you dress too and everything that you're into. summers after this point were spend mainly on skateboards around the village or playing on street sk8er on the playstation and to this day, these summers with my cousin are the best memories i have.

something about this kind of music just makes everything bad go away somehow, it is just so carefree and brings a smile to my face whenever i listen. bringing back memories of evenings spent going to pop punk gigs, going to get piercings and just generally wanting to be american. i think these songs really spoke to me and ignited my love for everything musical and really at the minute i don't think i'd be able to cope with anything if i didn't have music.
following my pop punk enlightenment i went through the inevitable emo stage (a funeral for a friend hoody being my favourite item of clothing at this point) the ska phase (lots of two tone, trumpets and bands like farse) also in more recent times getting into more independent and european stuff (múm, jeniferever, sigur ros etc) no matter what i've really been into musically i've always loved pop punk alongside it and i really hope it will always be that way.

here are a few videos that provoke the fondest memories for me -

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